I am a lecturer and research fellow (Akademische Rätin) at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Kaiserslautern, in the AG Softwaretechnik.

Previously, I was a postdoc at INRIA (Rocquencourt), the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control Science. During that time, I was in the REGAL team at LIP6 where I worked together with Marc Shapiro.
Before moving to Paris, I was a Ph.D. student with Peter Thiemann in the Arbeitsgruppe Programmiersprachen at the Institute for Computer Science at the University of Freiburg, Germany.
At the beginning of my PhD studies, I was a scholar of the DFG research training group Embedded Microsystems.


I am always looking for enthusiastic and motivated students to work with. Contact me via email or stop by my office to talk about possible topics for projects, theses, internships and open positions!

I am interested semantics of concurrent and distributed programming, with a focus on (geo-)replication, synchronization, and programming language concepts.
In particular, my research is aiming for programming models that make use of relaxed memory semantics, where updates to the shared state are visible only eventually to other processes. This enables optimistic execution of computations with minimal synchronization overhead while still being able to construct programs with provably correct behavior.
Currently, I am working on topics related to the development of correct and highly scalable programs in concurrent and distributed systems, such as Software Transactional Memory (STM) and Commutative Replicated Datatypes (CRDTs).



Member of the program committee for WTTM’12, TRANSACT’13, ICDCS’14
Member of the shadow Program committee für EuroSys’13
Reviews for POPL’08, ECOOP’08, ESOP’09, APLAS’09, HASKELL’10, TOOLS’11, OOP- SLA’12, DAIS’13, SLE'13, Journal of Distributed and Parallel Computing (JDPC), ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing (TOPC)
Local organisation of ICFP 2007 and IFL 2007 in Freiburg and of the ACM Europe Chapter Workshop 2012 in Paris


Feb 2013, Dagstuhl Seminar Applications for geo-replicated systems - Where are the limits?
Nov 2012, Doctoral School Day in Cloud Computing, UCL Scalable Consistency for Replicated Data
Jul 2012, WTTM'12, Funchal Tracing Snapshot Isolation in Transactions
May 2012, MPI-SWS, Kaiserslautern Scalable Consistency for Mutable Shared Data
Apr 2012, Dagstuhl Seminar Semantics for Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types
Feb 2012, WDTM'12, Lisbon DecentSTM - A fully decentralized STM algorithm
Sep 2011 WTTM'11, Rome Lifting the Barriers - Integration of Monitors into a DTM System
Jul 2011, UPMC, LIP6, Paris The Architecture of DecentVM
May 2011, EuroTM Workshop, Paris Proving Isolation Properties for Software Transactional Memory
May 2011, EPFL, Lausanne Twilight STM
Mar 2011, ESOP 2011, Saarbrücken Proving Isolation Properties for Software Transactional Memory
Dec 2010, NII Tokyo Twilight in Haskell: STM with Safe I/O and Typed Conflict Management
Sep 2010 WTTM'10, Cambridge (MA) On Relaxing Memory Consistency for Transactional Memory
Sep 2010, IFL 2010, Alphen aan den Rijn Twilight in Haskell: STM with Safe I/O and Typed Conflict Management
Jul 2010, PODC 2010, Zurich Actions in the Twilight: Concurrent Irrevocable Transactions and Inconsistency Repair
May 2010, GI-Workshop, Bad Honnef Twilight in Haskell: STM with Safe I/O and Typed Conflict Management
May 2010, IPDPS 2010 (recorded) Consistency in Hindsight: A Fully Decentralized STM Algorithm
May 2009, GI-Workshop, Bad Honnef Actions in the twilight: Eine Erweiterung für STM
Mar 2009, CC 2009, York Howto CPS transform a monad
Sep 2008, FDPE'08, Victoria HtDP and DMdA in the Battlefield - A Case Study in First-year Programming Instruction
May 2008, Dagstuhl Seminar STM in Ambicomp
Mar 2008, Uni Karlsruhe Basics of STM
Oct 2007, KPS'07, Timmendorfer Strand CPS Transformation of Monads (Rinso goes Random)


Lectures and courses at TU Kaiserslautern:
Courses I co-organized with Peter Thiemann at the University of Freiburg

Further I co-supervised several student projects, bachelor and master theses on compiler construction, program analysis, and concurrent programming.

Deutsche Schülerakademie

After participating as a student in 1999 in Braunschweig, I gave summer school courses for the Deutsche SchülerAkademie, a non- profit organization for early science education, which has been funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.