MakeCUE v1.41

Cue sheet editor for CDRWIN / DAO CD recording software

  • MakeCUE is a cue sheet editor which is designed for DAO/CDRWIN (Disc At Once CD recording software).
    Features are:

  • Just click here to download: MakeCUE v1.41 (22kB)

  • MakeCUE was programmed in Turbo Pascal 7.0, a rather old DOS language. In the last few weeks I recieved a couple of emails telling me that MakeCUE crashes with a "runtime error 200" (division by zero). This is a known problem to any Turbo Pascal application on fast processors (> Pentium 200MHz). Version 1.41 is recompiled with a patch which should solve the problem! Thanks to all which helped me to find this patch!! :-)

    Anyway I continue my work on version 2.0, which will be a pure Win95/98/NT application and will support drag&drop, long filenames (as far as CDRWIN will support it) and other normal Windows features. It will be programmed in Delphi or Visual Basic (not sure at the moment), but it will take some time to redo all WAV import/checking code... so please be patient.
    Version 1.41 will be the last version of MakeCUE for DOS!
    If you have any urgent ideas of what additional functions should be available in the Windows version please email me. I collect some ideas, but please don't expect to get it all into version 2.0. :)
    e.g. direct recording out of MakeCUE (using DAO.EXE), virtual CD player which can play the given track layout....


  • v1.1: fixed a bug, which caused a wrong path to the WAV file if the files are located in the root directory of the harddrive. The path was like "C:\\TEST.WAV".
    fixed a bug, which COULD cause a wrong directory displayed in the file display, which should be a file! This is a bug of Turbo Pascal 7.0, which doesn't filter all files I want. I did a work-around of this bug but it wasn't perfect. :)

     v1.2: Changed default pregap for new tracks to 0 seconds. I didn't like the old default of 2 seconds. Use the ADD PREGAP function in the cue sheet mode to add a pregap to all tracks or change the default in the files mode to 2 seconds or any other size.
    MakeCUE will now try to save all cue sheet files without paths now to make the resulting cue sheet 'portable' to other directories, harddrives or CDROMs, as far as the cue sheet is still in the same directory as the WAVs. This method is only possible when saving the cue file into the same dir locating ALL WAV files. You have to select that dir with the files window and save the cue file without any path. MakeCUE will inform you if it was able to strip all paths or not.

     v1.3: MakeCUE will now handle even deleted CUE points in the WAV files. You should be able to erase and add cue points in Cool Edit as you like and MakeCUE will handle it correctly.
    MakeCUE has its own config file, where the program saves the length of the default pregap. MakeCUE handles his config file, you don't need to edit it - just change the pregap length with the [D] option and MakeCUE will remember the last setting on next start.

     v1.4: Finally corrected the problem with write protected files. MakeCUE now handles even protected files.
    Modified CUE detection in WAV files, which seems to be more compatible now. The wrong behaviour on WAVs saved with the old Cool Edit 1.54 is now fixed. This bug was reported by Winfried Burg, thanks! :) When loaded and saved by up to date Cool versions it still showed some malfunctions, so this problem wasn't that outdated as it seems!

     v1.41: Patched "runtime error 200" bug of Turbo Pascal (speed calibration problem, see notes above). It should run on any computer again. :)
    Also tried to fix the bug when accessing an (empty) root directory of a partition/disc with WAVs only. Still doesn't work because I would have to correct a couple of other parts of the code also and I just don't want to. ;) I'm working on v2.0 instead.... NOTE: v1.41 is the final DOS version!!

    The sample cue sheet (see above) will look like:
            FILE TEST1.WAV WAVE
            TRACK 1 AUDIO
              INDEX 0 00:00:00
              INDEX 1 00:00:46
            TRACK 2 AUDIO
              INDEX 0 00:15:30
              INDEX 1 00:18:07
            TRACK 3 AUDIO
              PREGAP 00:02:00
              INDEX 1 00:23:35
            FILE TEST3.WAV WAVE
            TRACK 4 AUDIO
              INDEX 1 00:00:00
              INDEX 2 00:15:30
              INDEX 3 00:18:07
            TRACK 5 AUDIO
              PREGAP 00:03:00
              INDEX 1 00:23:35
            FILE TEST2.WAV WAVE
            TRACK 6 AUDIO
              INDEX 0 00:00:00
              INDEX 1 00:09:73
              INDEX 2 00:19:71
              INDEX 3 00:29:73

    For bug reports, critics.... just email me at
    Happy recording!