Project: Power Consumption in HPC Applications

Summer 2023, Josef Schüle

Start: Mo. 17.04., 09:00-12:00,

No lecture the 22.05. - continue the 29.05.

Get an impression on power consumption of CPUs. Answer the following questions for next week (short presentation):
  • What is a C State of a CPU?
  • Which parts of a CPU allow software based measurement of energy consumption?
  • Which tools exist to measure the software energy consumption?

Power measurements:

  • perf stat allows measurement of any application (command). There are serveral options to perf to measure the power consumption.
  • /usr/bin/sudo ipmi-oem dell -l user power-monitoring-over-interval 300 systempower
    to measure the systempower of the server for an interval of t.ex. 300 seconds

Access: There are several possibilities to access node802 (!) This is only possible for ONE user (exclusive use)

srun --mem=0 -n 16 -N 1 --reservation=rhrk-test --pty /bin/bash
salloc --mem=0 -n 16 -N 1 --reservation rhrk-test -t 
for a simple interactive shell that may use the complete memory.
xhost + node802
vglclient -detach
srun -t 10 --reservation=rhrk-test --pty --preserve-env vglrun +pr rhrk-unset-gtids /bin/bash
for a shell capable for graphical output


  • Prepare short presentation of: bilge Acun, B enjamin Lee, Fiodar Kazhamiaka et al., Carbon Dependencies in Datacenter Design and Management
  • Prepare short presentation of Energy Efficient Servers chapter 9 - Data Center Management.

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